Dog Life Jacket

Dog Life Jacket – Extra Safety and Protection

So, what comes to your mind when you hear dog life jacket? We all need safety and protection when kayaking, fishing, sailing and walking along the shore and the same goes for our furry companions. If dogs fall in the water, they may be hit by a rock, drown or get injured.

Spending time in the water is a great way of cooling off a steamy day. Most dog breeds especially Labradors and Retrievers are amazing and natural swimmers, but they will get tired eventually. Even the best swimmers tire out.

When your dog falls in the water unexpectedly, they experience fear and anxiety which may affect their swimming ability. Distractions, rough water and severe weather conditions make it worse. It only makes sense to give them some help in the form of added security by strapping them with life jackets. Dog life jackets will help them stay afloat to give you time to rescue them from the water.

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